"The Sojourners are a slice of twang rock that goes good with shots of whiskey and a keen sense of poetry...They fall in line with others like Uncle Tupelo, but have a subtle kick like early X."
River Cities' Reader/Jeff Wichmann

"Their music barrels along like a gatecrasher in a tux drunk on cheap beer staggering through a society ball - rough, raw but with a touch of class"
Oil/Brad Harvey

"Songs are what matters, and that's where these folks excel...Guitars that chime, great vocal harmonies, and an excellent rhythm section are but a few of the reasons that I go for this music."
babysue music review/Steve Fievet

"Their debut record, pretty as a picture, is almost like a rock'n'roll book. Each song is a different chapter; no two alike. Highly original and very entertaining, like a good novel, this disc is hard to put down."
The Rock Island Argus/Mike McCarty

"...assertive musicianship and strong lyrics."
Icon/Paul Hanson

"[The Sojourners'] full length debut CD, "Pretty As a Picture", is one of the best indie pop/rock disks that I have listened to all the way through in a loooooong time."
Statements of INDIEpendents/staff writer

(And bad press because we couldn't resist...)


Icon--Iowa City's Independent Weekly--oh they say the darndest things...
River Cities' Reader--Quad Cities, Iowa and Illinois--review of live show
Oil--Moline, Iowa--CD review & band interview
Statements of INDIEpendents--Ottawa, Ontario--band interview (unabridged)!

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